Thursday, October 17, 2013

Silkscreen books and zines

Here is the catalogue of all the books/zines I currently have available for sale at comic festivals:
Silkscreen Books:

 Nature Nurture- a collection of paired/ matching illustrations, 20 pages.

 "Don't Follow Me" - about a boy who chases a ghost. 12 pages.

 "hot + cold" - A girl meets boy story, 16 pages (2 of them an accordian fold illustration)

 "Find My Light" A girl meets lime head in the woods short story. 16 pages.

 "Pink Lemonade & Find My Light" A published version collecting 2 silkscreen stories.

 Just found the last remaining copies of "Pink Lemonade" I will bring 1 copy to sell at the next few festivals.

 Riso printed zines:

 "Girl Galaxy" a sci-fi zine featuring half original space inspired drawings and half fan art. 12 pages.

 "Sheeeeeeeeep!" - an accordian illustration depicting real life scenes based on the Faroe Islands.

 "Forest Tales" - contains 2 stories, "4 seasons" and "Deer to my Heart". 12 pages.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Forest Tales #1 debuts at CAKE!

Fresh off the risograph machine is Forest Tales #1, in time for its debut at CAKE this weekend in Chicago!! I drew it in 2 days and printed/stapled a few dozen books today and now I have to get ready to fly out (talk about last minute!) It's 12 pages and contains 2 stories/illustration narratives, "4 seasons" and "Deer to my Heart". 2 colors throughout (flourescent pink and federal blue). See you in Chicago!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cat Luchador production #3- Day before TCAF.

 The day before we had to leave for TCAF, printing did not start til after 6PM...

 3 hours later, everything is finally printed.

 Luckily we had 7 sets of hands to help put together the books!

 Lots of paper, lots of beer.

"El Gato Del La Muerta" Issue #1! We were done and I was out of the studio by 11PM. We left NY for Toronto the next morning. We did pretty well at TCAF and Toronto was a blast! Check out some of the photos of our trip from my tumblr.

Cat Luchador production #2

 stacks of paper

 stacks everywhere

Taking out used masters (wet wax paper), this is a method we call "dog pooping" 

**special thanks to our intern Luisa (pictured above) who helped greatly in the production of our Cat Luchador zine!!

Cat Luchador Production #1- Breaking into our new studio Riso machine!

 Color stickers for color drums!

 A new blank color drum.

 Making the new blank drum flourescent pink!

 Test prints.

 Beer and cigarette break on the roof with Choi.