Wednesday, April 29, 2009

where i dream and draw

Corner of the room where my drafting table resides.

This is the room that I currently live in. It's where I sleep. It's where I drink all this coffee before exerting my creative energy into whatever project at hand, on the very table pictured.

Immersed in the organized clutter (in the detail photo) : antelope brown india ink, at least 2 pairs of scissors and box-cutters (when things get hectic they are lost so easily!), an array of tiny tiny oil brushes, sumi ink, 4 different kinds of tape, oils, random tubes of acrylic, uhh toothpaste?, etc.
On the other side of the drafting table: books, more books.

recent reads:
"The Road" Cormac McCarthy
"Post Office" Charles Bukowski

currently reading:
"Swallow Me Whole" Nate Powell
"Monster Men Bureiko Lullaby" Takashi Nemoto

music on loop:
Matt & Kim, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Panda Bear