Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a little vacation

I recently came back from a nice little vacation in San Francisco. Even though it's the city where I grew up, visiting the place with a bunch of east coast friends and making a point of touring there makes for a very different experience! I had an incredible time (at some points, surprisingly inspirational)

one of my all-time favorite activities: beach bonfire!!

I traveled there and back with my good friend Deo, he pretty much was taking pictures non-stop. For more incredible photos, visit his flickr!

Now that I'm back and off of vacation mode, I've been working hard on preparing drawings for my next silkscreen book, which I'm really psyched about. I'm finally getting to coloring in some separations and I have to say, scribbling with the extra BOLD tip oil-paint Sharpie is such a sensational feeling... It feels amazing, coloring like a kid essentially. I can't imagine making silkscreen separations on a computer screen?? (not that I know how to, anyway!)
So, I'm hoping to start printing once summer arrives and try and finish the project by end of summer with an all new silkscreen book for APE this year. I can't wait to print!