Tuesday, July 12, 2011

printing tote bags

Don't get squirted! Or do. Yesterday I went grocery shopping right after I printed and the cashier nearly freaked out because she thought my arm was bleeding but I was just squirted with red...

I still have a hard time printing tote bags but I think they came out ok this time around. It's hard because the paint has to be thick but all I want to do is water it down, but you would run the risk of the image bleeding...

Also, bags take longer to print because I am re-registering each individual bag for every single color, so much work! Here I am registering to print blue, making sure everything is aligned.

Yellow paint with transparencies. This was the easiest separation to print. If all the colors are mixed right it has vibrant results.

Before all the printing begins I iron all the bags, wrinkles in the fabric gets in the way of the paint. I use a blow-dryer to each bag for every layer of color that is printed.

All this paper I use because some way or another I mess up printing the line in-between. Maybe one day I'll get to use one of those carousels, but this will do for now!