Friday, November 28, 2008

what do i like?

I've been asked a couple times who my favorite painter is. Twice over the course of the last 24 hours, by my dearest friend Andrew over thanksgiving dinner, and by a gentleman whilst hanging out at Beauty Bar the night before. There are quite a few painters that I admire, both times the first that comes to my mind is Balthus--

others: Henry Darger, Marcel Dzama, Thomas Eakins .... to name just a few.

I glossed over a really great book a few days ago. "A catalog of hand-drawn patterns" which is another thing that I admire, and there are some meticulous, beautiful examples that can be found in the book, "Over and Over."

I might try to buy this book but I am still waiting to receive Kramer's Ergot 7 from an online retailer, which i hope is coming soon.

wishlist: "Skim" by Jillian Tamaki

currently watching: "Leon" (The Professional)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

robot reference

Some reference photos I've gathered through the internet, in light of my latest project.
penelope cruz

aki hoshino

heidi klum
This is just a sampling of my folder filled with hundreds of these photos, i admit its fun collect these on behalf of my new series. My upcoming pieces are pretty much influenced by combination of these photos (the models seem almost robotic-like to me) plus my own personal experiences.

Reading now: Henry Miller

Listening to: Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer
The Dodos - Visiter

Saturday, November 8, 2008

the coffee post

Each day I consume at least one largest size cup of coffee (20 oz or more) On days that I am at my day job or days where I feel especially productive I drink 2 or 3, sometimes 4. A lot of the cafes i've visited in San francisco, and for the most part in NY offer medium to stronger brew for their house coffee, which is the only kind I prefer. Colombian brew won't do the job for me, give me Sumatra! Mexican coffee beans are also very nice-- I had a brew that tasted like unsweetened chocolate at Gimme! coffee. Other places I really enjoy - Ritual, on Valencia st. People's cafe, on Haight.

Friday, November 7, 2008

APE weekend, halloween, and everything else

I had an incredible time at APE! But, because I don't own a camera i'm afraid I don't have pictures. It took place during halloween weekend and i do, however, have a picture of me and my friends on halloween night!from the left: me as a rainbow, tabitha as pimp, allison - ms lovett, and tony -johnny depp

This took place at a bar close by after the APE exhibitor mixer /pre party, which took place at Last Gasp publishing office/shop. The night became a bit of a blur, as to be expected on halloween in SF.

The next day, arrived an hour early to set things up, I managed to remember everything except for a table cloth! (which I didn't even think about) but a table neighbor was kind enough to loan me his extra one. It was my first time at APE and my first time having my own table so it was triple exciting! and very successful. I sold plenty of prints and books, all silkscreen, and had the pleasure to interact with so many people. It was definitely the best time I've ever had at a con, despite being glued the entire time to my table (although I managed to attend 30 minutes of the "Making of Kramer's Ergot 7" panel, on Sunday)
The Isotope party that Saturday was also an amazing time. I am deeply grateful for my friends, Teddy Hose and Scott Norton for helping me out with my table and for keeping me company! And my mom for bringing me food all weekend.
I will most definitely return to APE next year (too good not to) and I will try to drag with me my very talented, former roommate and close friend Jon Vermilyea (perhaps we will share a table next year? hopefully!)

In other news, Obama is our new president! My friends and I couldn't stop screaming, took ourselves outdoors and everyone else felt the same. Tabitha asked me to paint an Obama mural in their household, i might do it if I find time (still in mural painting mode, especially after Asa's ginormous one)

Now that APE is over, I'm continuing my work for my next show which is taking place at Gallery1988 (SF), opening in March 2009. One of the owners, Katie, who i believe runs the SF location, stopped by my table this weekend to say hi. The group show is going to be a good line up of myself and 3 other very talented female artist, more info to come!

In the mean time, here is my set up at my parents' home as I try to spend the rest of vacation doing a little catch-up.
This is the birds eye view where I have a view of the porch ahead of me and a TV next to that. I pay most of my attention to music and reference photos on my computer.

Above is a detail of part of my painting surface, my muses, the antelope brown ink I always use, and a new bottle of Prussian blue ink (beautiful color!!) I originally was looking for purple but was happy to discover (or rather, rediscover) prussian blue. Its purpose will be revealed later.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"waverly" by asa kawano

hi everyone!

I had the exciting opportunity to exhibit at APE this past weekend and it was a phenomenal time! more on that later.

While in new york just before leaving to visit the west coast, I spent one evening helping my very talented and close friend asa kawano (and her boyfriend chad) paint her gigantic graffiti/mural. It was an amazing experience.The mural, titled "Waverly" is 45"x22" can be seen riding the F train towards coney island, just before approaching the Smith & 9th st. stop (sitting backwards, on the left side of train) You can also see it from the BQE where the Lowe's is located (Hamilton Ave.)