Thursday, November 6, 2008

"waverly" by asa kawano

hi everyone!

I had the exciting opportunity to exhibit at APE this past weekend and it was a phenomenal time! more on that later.

While in new york just before leaving to visit the west coast, I spent one evening helping my very talented and close friend asa kawano (and her boyfriend chad) paint her gigantic graffiti/mural. It was an amazing experience.The mural, titled "Waverly" is 45"x22" can be seen riding the F train towards coney island, just before approaching the Smith & 9th st. stop (sitting backwards, on the left side of train) You can also see it from the BQE where the Lowe's is located (Hamilton Ave.)

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Deo Dato said...

That is so cool! so inspirational. I wish I was there to see in the process.