Sunday, September 27, 2009

the beauty of off-set printing

I am currently on the verge of finishing my second silkscreen book, and I'm very excited about it! My new book will make its debut at APE in San Francisco, where I will share a table this year with the very talented Jon Vermilyea.

I've been spending a lot of time this summer at the SVA print lab. Here are some pictures of pages of my book being racked.

What I really like about silkscreen is that, unlike painting, I have less control over the result of the image. I'll have somewhat of an idea of how it will turn out, but especially dealing with color transparencies oftentimes I won't know the resulting color tones until it gets printed, and sometimes it's a nice surprise.

Another wonderful thing about silkscreening is that not every print will come out exactly the same as one another. Sometimes the result of off-set prints can be a beautiful thing, that's another thing that makes each print unique (if in subtle ways.)

The new book will be 20 pages like my last book, Pink Lemonade, but with comic panels so it will feel longer.