Friday, May 17, 2013

Cat Luchador production #3- Day before TCAF.

 The day before we had to leave for TCAF, printing did not start til after 6PM...

 3 hours later, everything is finally printed.

 Luckily we had 7 sets of hands to help put together the books!

 Lots of paper, lots of beer.

"El Gato Del La Muerta" Issue #1! We were done and I was out of the studio by 11PM. We left NY for Toronto the next morning. We did pretty well at TCAF and Toronto was a blast! Check out some of the photos of our trip from my tumblr.

Cat Luchador production #2

 stacks of paper

 stacks everywhere

Taking out used masters (wet wax paper), this is a method we call "dog pooping" 

**special thanks to our intern Luisa (pictured above) who helped greatly in the production of our Cat Luchador zine!!

Cat Luchador Production #1- Breaking into our new studio Riso machine!

 Color stickers for color drums!

 A new blank color drum.

 Making the new blank drum flourescent pink!

 Test prints.

 Beer and cigarette break on the roof with Choi.

Me at Brooklyn Zine Fest

photo by Suzan Choy