Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alternative Press Expo 2010

photo courtesy of giantrobotmag's flickr

I had a wonderful time this year at APE in San Francisco! I was there with Jon Vermilyea. We had a full 6 days in which we spent walking over the Golden Gate Bridge like last year, and sipped on some salted caramel hot cocoa at Ghirardelli Square, which has become sort of a tradition for us. We ate In-N-Out burger and Mexican burritos every single day. :)

The convention was very successful. I enjoyed talking to people about the silkscreen process (which is in itself a hard thing to explain). I had the privilege of meeting Anne Koyama of Koyama Press for the first time, she came all the way from Toronto and she is awesome! I got to hang out with the talented Cat Lauigan, and chatted briefly with Lisa Hanawalt (actually ended up running into her at the airport on our way back, boarding the same flight!).

Plenty of after parties and post hang outs ensued, Ryan threw his annual party which had a much bigger turn out this year than before. Had post drinks with some of the Canadian comics family at Elbo Room, and dinner the following night at Taste of Formosa with a bunch of rad folks, including Hellen Jo, Calvin Wong, and Aaron Mew. All in all, an amazing trip. :)