Wednesday, June 25, 2008

liesurely things

ever since the move, i find myself going to places and doing many things that are very in tune to this neighborhood. I guess that goes with anywhere you live, you get to know the locals and acquire a few favorite places.I recently saw Gogol Bordello play at McCarren Park pool with my friend Cat who introduced me to them for the first time. They were crazy good and they had all this energy that made most of the audience near the front jump up and down. McCarren is a ridiculously gigantic space/formerly a swimming pool (although i can't imagine that) so its easy to either jump around or do cartwheels if you want, or lay back and relax from a distance. Every night there's a band or movie playing at the pool.

Other book I've been reading--- (besides "The heart is a lonely hunter" which, so far, s been sad but beautifully written)
"No One Belongs Here More Than You" stories by Miranda July
"Goddess of War" by Laura Weinstein (so good!)
"Elvis Road" Helge Reumann, Xavier Robel

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