Friday, February 20, 2009

"Sweet Surrender" @ Gallery1988SF

I'll have about a dozen new pieces for this show and will be in town for the opening reception. I'll be staying in San Francisco for 2 and a half weeks starting end of February to finally unwind, and to attend Wondercon. I cannot wait!

Details: "Sweet Surrender"
opening reception, Friday, March 6th 7-10PM
1173 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94109 (stay tuned for the preview of the show)


Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Jen Tong!

Seems like we keep missing each other. Now I'm back in the City, it looks like you're in San Francisco. I'm heading to Hawaii for a bit for a trade show and a bit of a vacation. Hopefully when we both get back to the City we'll be able to chill. I miss you MUCHO!

Miles said...

Once again. Awesome work.

We totally couldn't find you or anybody else at the Hemlock. It was Super packed with all those mustache wearing bicycle kids. It was nice meeting you and hope to run into you again around San Fran.