Monday, November 29, 2010

Brooklyn Comics Fest + TINY too show!

Be sure to check out the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival coming up this Saturday!
I will have my new silkscreen mini accordions for sale at my table as well as tons of other goodies- some copies of "rainbow & i" and "pink lemonade", lots of prints and tote bags.

: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
On N 8th and Havemeyer st. in Wiliamsburg
When: December 4th, 12-9PM
free! to get in

I'll be the one eating asia dog all day long!

I have some new pieces in a one-day show at Gallery Meltdown, the space behind Meltdown Comics in LA. The show is called "TINY too" featuring artwork 3" x 3" and smaller!! So I did 3 teeny tiny paintings for it. They are titled "Lemon Drop", "Lemons in the Sky" and "Lemon Sea"
catch this show for one night only
@ Gallery Meltdown, 7522 W. Sunset Blvd. LA
December 11th, 6-9PM


d said...

I found you from this book Beats. .... Thank you for doing what you love
:) very inspiring

If you have the time..
If you were to do a sketch Would you generally ink it before or after adding paint or does that depend on the paint. Let's say for instance water colours. ..
an help appreciated. I'm new to this!


jentong said...

Hi D!
It depends. For watercolors I ink my sketch and then put in color. For acrylics and oils, I apply the paint/colors to the sketch and then go over it with ink.
I make a photocopy of the drawing before I begin applying paint, something to reference when I do the final inks because the paint covers up the sketch.