Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LA zine fest Recap

I loved LA! I was there for a full week, seeing old friends and doing the tabling thing at LA Zine Fest. There was a huge turn out at the festival, it was overwhelming! I ended up selling most of the stuff I brought, which meant I did not bring nearly enough, which is good. :)

me at my table

my table FULL of stuff

my table 2 hours before the end of the day! By the end, ALL of the prints and totes were gone, every mini accordion I brought gone, as well as every copy I brought of Pink Lemonade and rainbow & i books.

Other stuff I did in LA: lots of dog-petting.

Jon & Deisel

dog high-five

Ate lots of Mexican food
Pupusas and watermelon lemonade at Silverlake farmer's market.

shrimp tacos at El 7 Mares. I also recommend Ricky's Fish Tacos nearby!

Took a road trip to Point Dume....
...where we spotted dolphins!

I did a comic reading at Home Room the night before the festival. I got to read 2 things, including my newest story "Find my Light". I got a really good response from my reading, people seem to especially love the Rainbow & i presentation with the Beach House song "Holy Dances". All in all a very memorable week in LA. :)

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