Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Creatures of Ghost Island" at Allegory Gallery.

I have a show with lots of new paintings at Allegory Gallery which opens this Friday and will run throughout the month of February. The show will feature 10 new pieces, 8 watercolor/acrylic/inked pieces and 2 small silkscreened prints. The piece shown above "Creatures of Ghost Island" is the large piece that ties everything together. The other medium-small pieces depict scenes and characters that take place and exist on this island. I plan on updating my website soon with all the new things I've done this past year and I will also include these new works. In the mean time, here are some process photos that were taken over the past 2 months (via my instagram)

"Witch", "Don't Be Scared", "Friends, Me and You"

In progress, "Take Me There (Ghost Wolf)"

"Mushroom Forest"

Another ghost piece in progress.

Inking the island.

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