Friday, September 24, 2010

APE and Oakopolis art show

APE is bigger than ever this year! So big it moved its entrance to the other side of the exhibit hall, and the exhibitor list looks two times bigger than last year's and the year before! I found out my table placement and it looks like I have pretty much the same/similar table spot as last year, even with all the additional tables, which is great. :)

I'm in a show called "The Art of Comics" at Oakopolis Gallery in Oakland. The show will have two openings, October 1st and November 5th, part of the Oakland Art Murmur. They will have my "rainbow & i" books as well as the rainbow prints hung on their wall, revealing part of the process in making the books. This will be an interesting show, so if you are in the bay area, please check it out!

Here's what I did at the print shop today. Tomorrow I will be printing on tote bags for the very first time, wish me luck!

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