Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my art in Aorta magazine + upcoming events

Some of my pieces from the "femme bot" painted series were printed in Aorta Magazine.

Aorta Magazine (when I met them last year at APE they were known as ArtXX) is a bi-annual publication based in San Francisco. They are a sex positive, politically charged publication that is inspired and supported by the SF gay community. I am happy and proud to be a part of
this 3rd issue, and if you are interested in this
limited edition issue, you can find out how to order one here.

Lately I've been working on drawing and color separations for a series of mini-accordion books that should be out by the time APE rolls around. (taking place Oct 16th and 17th this year in SF) I wanted to make something a little more on the affordable side, as far as hand-made, screen printed objects go. In addition, I will have many screen printed posters (old + new!) and my larger books available.

This weekend I will make an appearance at SPX, which I am totally excited about. I've also secured a half table for the upcoming, second annual Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. The Brooklyn Fest was so much fun last year that I'm extremely psyched to be able to exhibit this year.
Above photo displays a small sampling of separation work waiting to be printed, and a large tube of Kalles Kaviar, a Swedish delicacy that I am addicted to! You're supposed to spread this smoked roe delight on crackers but I just squeeze this stuff straight into my mouth, tasty! I am almost out of this stuff :( so hopefully I can make it back to Ikea to replenish for my addiction. I also love the Swedish pickled herring, there are six different kinds, I've only tried the jar with garlic sauce but I hope to try all of them!


Andrew Thornton said...

I'm totally going to have to try this spread. Luckily there's an Ikea not too far away.

Miss you bunches!

jentong said...

miss you too Andrew!


Deodato Pangandoyon said...

Love the new work! gotta find a tactful way to steal concept ideas from you. Miss you