Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recap: TCAF and Toronto!

my table at TCAF!

had an amazing time in Toronto!! I met sooooo many new people, ate so much amazing food and experienced some new beers. Toronto is definitely a place I want to revisit again and again. :)
TCAF was an incredible time. It reminded me of Brooklyn Comic Fest a bit, except larger scale. The free admission definitely makes a huge difference. This festival had a diverse and friendly crowd without being overwhelming the way Brooklyn Fest was. My tote bags did surprisingly well, I'm used to only selling maybe a few, but I actually ran out of all the Lemon + Lime totes that I brought, I even had a few people asking for them after they ran out! :O
My comics and silkscreen books also did really well. I found TCAF a more enjoyable festival than Stumptown, but this is my first time exhibiting both events that have evolved so much over the decade. I would love to do both festivals again if I get the chance!

Having tex-mex brunch at Sneaky Dee's! With Irme, Taylor and their friends Agatha and Laura (pictured below)

The Dunking Donuts of Toronto, or as they call it, "Timmies" This was Deo's dream come true.

Exploring the Distillery District where we had a sake tasting, some artisanal gelato, and a cheese sampling at a place that imports from Quebec! Plus we strolled around with the cutest dog in the world, Murray!

Embarking onto Kensington Market! Where we had family style tacos at "El Trompo"

Post-TCAF karaoke-ing! Pictured here are Hellen Jo, Calvin Wong, Ryan Sands, and Jen Wang.

This is the infamous Canadian dish called Poutine, consisting of french fries slathered with gravy and topped with cheese curds!! This is the classic. Next time I visit I want to try poutine with pulled pork on top...or bacon....! The accompanying drink is called a Ceaser, which is Canada's bloody mary, except it's spicier and more savory, the extra ingredient is clam juice! yumm yum!

Photos above (basically all the good looking ones) taken by my close friend Deo, he is the best traveling companion!


Jimmy said...

I agree, TCAF WAS awesome. For further exploration of poutine and amazing beers, you should come to Expozine in Montreal in november. (



jentong said...

I've always wanted to visit Montreal! There is a chance though that I will be in the west coast around that time, but if not, I might check it out!

Andrew Thornton said...

Looks like a fun time. The Poutine looks interesting. Pulled pork and bacon are two of my favorites. I wonder if they do it with everything on top?

jentong said...

Toronto was great! With Poutine, the possibilities are endless- They'll slap anything and everything on top. Like chili! Or sausages, or nacho dressings...