Sunday, April 24, 2011

Portland recap + TCAF

I'm tabling at TCAF this year for the first time and I'm so excited! I'm also stoked about visiting Toronto Canada for the first time, I am getting there via 11 hour bus ride (!!!) and I might have a buddy traveling with me to explore Toronto with. (yippeeeee!!!)

outside of Guapo comics and coffee

Portland was AMAZING.... I had the best time, thanks to some new friends who were incredible hosts. Stumptown was an interesting convention, I've never seen so many pirates in one place, although Amy (of Pony Club) mentioned to me that the pirate thing was something new this year. Anyway, the screen-print posters were a hit. You can now find some of my prints at Pony Club Gallery!

Here I am at my table, photo taken by Jen Vaughn. She did a great recap of the fest on The Beat. One guy bought my new "hot + cold" book as a wedding present for his friend who, if I remember correctly, is an architect getting married to his other friend who is a poet. I thought it was very touching! And yes, my books can make a great wedding present! :)

Portland is all kinds of wonderful. There were instances where I could see myself living there, even! But instead I think I will visit there, a lot! Here are some highlights of my trip:
some of the yummiest biscuits n gravy I've ever had at Pine State Biscuits on Belmont!

Bicycle fencing :)

any coffee lovin' town is my kinda town!

All the way North at Cathedral Park, where the grass is so tall...

Walking through Irving Park on my way to Mississippi St.

For more photos of my Portland adventure check out my flickr:


Anonymous said...

Dang...I'm pissed I missed out on Portland. From the looks of it - Portland > Qingdao, China anyday.

Anywho, I can't wait to make up for it in Toronto. Wohooo!!!


jentong said...

We're gonna have the BEST time in Toronto! :D