Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waking up in a Tutti Frutti Hat

I have a couple of pieces in a show at Alternative Cafe! The show is called "Waking Up in a Tutti Frutti Hat", curated by my friend/studio mate Aya Kakeda. The show will feature a bunch of illustrators/cartoonists/artists that also make books, along with the artwork on the wall they will also carry books by all the artists!

These are the new prints I made for the show. The print with the rooftop scene is the most detailed screen print I've attempted so far, and it wasn't easy! (printing the line) Even in the humid weather.     
The gallery will have copies of "hot + cold" and "Find my Light" The opening reception will take place Friday, July 13th at 7PM. Check out the Facebook event page. The show will remain on display throughout July and beginning of August.

Here are some process photos from the print shop.
 After printing blue, pink and yellow.

 Preparing 2 colors for gradient effect.

 After printing transparent gradient.

 Test scraps.

 "Follow Me" print.

 Printing line.

"Rooftop" on the racks.

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